All Car Insurance Policies

There are many insurance policies available for cars from those that drive their family from A to B, to those that drive for a living. This blog, All Car Insurance Policies, will feature more information on all of these.

Family Drivers

You may use your car to ferry to your kids around, from swimming to drum lessons then to the supermarket and back. It could have 4 seats, it could have 7. Either way, it’s important that it’s in the event of an accident, you are back on the road and able to get your family around. Maybe you use your family car to make trips to the continent too. It might be worth asking you insurance provider what their thoughts are on this as some could charge more.


If you have a super car you no doubt know a thing or two about driving. Do you drive your car to it limits? It can be hard to find insurance if you are driving a super car like this because insurers don’t always trust your driving style whilst also knowing that your car could be a target for less scrupulous individuals.
Weekend drivers
If you don’t use your car to commute every week, you may find that it sits on your drive way until the weekend. Remember to tell your insurer exactly where your vehicle is kept during the week as it may result in a lower premium. What’s more, if you don’t cover many miles, this will help reduce your premiums too as they car is on the road less and therefore less likely to be involved n an accident.

Business Drivers

Maybe you are in the market for business use insurance, or courier insurance? Did you know that if you drive for work that your normal car insurance won’t cover you? Class 1 business use is the most common type of business insurance but there is also class 2 and class 3, as well as specific insurances including courier insurance and goods in transit for courier or even minibus insurance and commercial vehicle.

What insurance types?

There are lots of types of insurances from comprehensive cover to third party. In the UK, you must have at least third party insurance to drive a vehicle. It is illegal not to have this type of cover.
If you value your vehicle and are looking for cover from fire and theft, you could upgrade your third party to include these too or opt for comprehensive insurance which would provide cover to damage done to your own vehicle as well as to the property of another person. There is a variety of information sources on this subject on the internet however you are the best person to choose the type of insurance you need. Remember, sometimes comprehensive insurance policies are sometimes cheaper than third party policies so it may be best if you are fully covered and if there is very little between the two, maybe consider increasing your voluntary excess as this may help you afford the comprehensive cover. When choosing a voluntary excess, always be sure that you don’t raise is so high that, in the event of accident, you couldn’t afford to pay for the excess.